In baseball, when the pitcher has the ball, you free to try

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The Trump Organization initially honored its commitment, Cohen said, and paid $137,460 to McDermott Will Emery LLP in October 2017, representing half the firm’s unpaid invoices at the time, while promising that the campaign would pay the rest the following day. The company reaffirmed its commitment that December after Cohen complained to Donald Trump Jr. And Eric Trump about the delays, and it continued to pay through May 2018 reimbursing more than $1.7 million through direct payments, funding from Trump’s campaign and credits from McDermott, according to the lawsuit..

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Lead off/“a good/bad jump“: This pertains to stealing bases. In baseball, when the pitcher has the ball, you free to try and run to the next base but there the threat of him throwing the ball to another infielder in time to tag you out. It a risk vs reward.

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Remember what the country looked like in 1787: The important division was between states that relied on slavery and those that didn’t, not between large and small states. A direct election for president did not sit well with most delegates from the slave states, which had large populations but far fewer eligible voters. They gravitated toward the electoral college as a compromise because it was based on population.

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