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The complaint indicates on Sept. 10, a CI indicated he/she „could purchase 300 tablets of Ecstasy and 7 grams of crack cocaine for $975“ from Vance Mckee. Like the previous three instances, a deal was set up, the complaint indicates. Our fat cat masters know where the weak place is in their vicious circle. If people could be truly educated instead of being indoctrinated, everything would change. If viable solutions are available and humanity continues down its predatory and mutually exploitative path, it is because we will be unable to discover the truths that are hidden in plain sight..

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The Chicago Magic Lounge on North Clark Street is a great spot for anyone who enjoys being amazed and loves to repeat did she do that over and over again. The show is opened by emcee Jan Rose, who provides an entertaining and informative intro to Chicago style magic and magic history in the city. Each night presents a different style or focus.

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Find online sewing communities that you like. Or not online ones, if you can find sewing people in your location! I been participating in the since it first began, and I find it excellent motivation to finish things (which is good, because I am a terrible procrastinator). I chat about what I sewing with a few other people online who also sew historical things, which is also pretty good motivation to keep working on things.

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